Saturday, May 01, 2010

what a day...

i love you much=)

Had band this morning. Then went to mv to catch a movie with the gang. Guess which one?

Toy's Story 1 & 2.

I realised that I cant remember the Disney stories that i use to watch as a kid. Its not that i dont remember which ones that I've watched, I cant remember the contents. The storyline, the characters, the meaning. Haha.. I find that they actually have a lot of meaning for a kid's show. Maybe this parts are meant for the parents. Or for people like us, kids that watch it again when we've developed our brains more.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drama has come and gone. Congrats 5U, you guys deserve it=] Mai, im so so proud of you:)

The whole journey for me was quite rocky. Last minute props, crazy arrangements, costume havoc. One word; WALIAU. The whole process of writing the script was very long. Started to think about the storyline since December but nothing solid came up. Finally decided to use existing talents in our class and wrote a story revolving these talents. I'm sorry. I gave you guys a crappy script. I'm absolutely sure that you guys could do wayy much better with another scriptwriter.

Some advice for the form 4s. Start writing you scripts, the earlier the better. Find an uncommon story. Don't go with the normal stuff; shallow love stories especially.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heng Sze Kay got baptised on the 17th of April 2010=)

i love you guys!

Its quite awesome how everything turned out tonight. Both my parents came to church and i just pray that something would be planted into their hearts. I love you guys very very much:) if i were to die just so that they can be saved, i would. God, may Your work be done..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A bit overdue but here it is

Good Friday was awesome indeed. Jofan and i went out on an adventure:) read more about it here. I'm finally starting to believe that the small things that we do sometimes can do wonders even without us realizing it. Before we head out, I was kindda freaking out the night before. What if things didn't go well? What if all that we planned, turns out to be something really stupid when we really thought it was amazing? What if this, what if that.

Omtot. All the What Ifs.

I really really did felt weird at first. We didn't do much for the first 20 minutes or so with me being so disorganized most of the time. But after some heartfelt prayer, we set off.

We were looking for beggers but there weren't many actually at first. Oh, well. We met some cobblers (one of them was real funny i tell ya), hawkers, a few beggars and even a homeless lady. We bought them some burgers but I know its never enough. We can help their physical hunger but what about the spiritual?

I went back to Pasar Seni area the other day and she's still there. What else can we help her with?

I slowly realize the things that i did really made an impact, either on the people that help was given or on the people around me. Jofan's really enthusiastic about doing it again and his enthusiasm is spreading. Now, more people are gonna join us the next time. I wonder where the holy spirit would bring us?

I love You=)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have been meaning to blog about this book for some time now. Its quite nice. If you're looking for a heartwarming read, this is it. But there's mild 18sx.

This is one book where you shouldn't judge it by its cover:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

people precieve freedom as having all the choices in the world but sometimes, to obtain true freedom, some choices has to be given up.


God, bring me back to You, least i come crawling back. My walk has not been great with You lately. I've let myself sidetrack. I've gone back to my old cycles. But i know i have to learn. Learn to get out of those cycles and to focus on You. Yea, i can't pocket You.. You're so much more greater than that. You're better than all those sunsets that i love, all the best people that i miss, all those books that i enjoy reading. You're better, more beautiful, most amazing.

Learning To Fall
-This Beautiful Republic
I've heard it said a million times
That I should hold on tight to Jesus
But I took this road so far from home
And distance came between us

When I walked away, I knew one day
I'd need Your grace

So now You'll find me on my knees
Cause I know that I'm really not so strong
And now, I'm done fighting for control
Oh, You can have this life
That I've been holding for so long
I'm learning to fall
Let my world crumble

You ran so fast to rescue me
While I was barely breathing
You picked me up, You touched my face
And I began to see more clearly

Though I'm such a disgrace, You still forgave
Your love remains

Take me as an offering
I surrender everything
No more living without You

Jofan, thanks for finding another beautiful song:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010